Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Your answer to questions in PART 1 and PART 2 should be in the form of a business report with
appropriate structure and layout and presentation using pictures, photos, tables, diagrams, graphs
and references as required.
As this is a live consultant report, no introduction to the case or business is required, and no attempt
should be made to contact the business direct.
Answering the questions/addressing the assignment brief is fundamental and underpins all the other
criteria. Application of ideas, theory, concepts and frameworks from the module is fundamental to the
Part 1 and Part 2 are component assessments, but are two sections of the same overall report. Your
overall mark will be a composite of both sections according to the weighting identified. However late
submission penalties will be allocated to each section before compiling the overall mark.
You can refer to your PART 1 answers in PART 2, BUT DO NOT SUBMIT AN APPENDIX – this will
not be marked – all relevant supporting items should be within the body of the report.
Word Count:
PART 1 : <1000 words: (words in diagrams not included but tables are)
PART 2 : Section B and C – 3000 words (words in diagrams not included but tables are)
Section A in Part 2 must be constructed with, (or converted to) an Excel spreadsheet, and submitted
to MyBeckett separately as instructed. The excel file should contain a sheet (tab) outlining your
assumptions and conclusions from your model or analysis. There is no word count for the excel file.
Penalties will be applied if the word count is exceeded [by over 10%]
You MUST include your name in the file name of the submitted excel file.
eg “ClarkKentOpsCapacityplan.xlsx” Penalties will be applied if not done correctly.
The submission will be by MyBeckett – no paper copies allowed
Based on the Multi-Media case; Exquisite Hand-made cakes [EHC] ,contained in the MyBeckett Site
for Operations and Supply Chain Management;
Question/Tasks Mark
PART 1 ?? Construct an ITO, and contextualise the performance
dimensions for EHC
?? Map the process for order fulfilment including manufacture of
the ‘individually wrapped tray-bake’ cake product.
?? Construct an upstream and downstream supply network
diagram for EHC.
PART 2 All Students must answer each Section
Choose one question from section A only
Section A
Produce a capacity and
demand model, (with
sensitivity analysis) for
EHC’s tray baking product.
or Conduct an Inventory
analysis of EHC’s ingredient
stock, and revised inventory
plan with reductions.
Students must submit their Excel file separately in MyBeckett for
section A. You MUST include your name in the file name of the
submitted excel file. eg ClarkKentOpsCapacityplan.xlsx
Choose one question from section B only
Section B
Construct a Value stream
for EHC’s tray-bake product
and critically evaluate how
they could apply lean
principles to improve this
part of their operation.
or Critically evaluate EHC’s
position in the overall
supply network and develop
a strategy for EHC’s
‘downstream’ supply chain,
including a B2C channel.
Section C
Develop an improvement strategy for EHC’s operational performance
by answering the questions below;
?? Identify and justify the competitive priorities for improving two
of the performance dimensions for EHC
?? Specify how your recommendations from section B impact the
two chosen performance dimensions, and how you would
measure any improvements?
Remember you can utilise your work on the performance dimensions
from Part 1

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