operations and supply chain management

operations and supply chain management

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full instruction in attachment, require 50% work upload on 4 May. there is a Excel based calculation of EHC’s ingredient stock, please follow a guide video to do the calculation, and important ideas must consistent with lecture notes, make sure each part in instructions has been followed. (all the given material must read in order to keep you on the right track) Many thanks

this assignment has been divided into two part, part A I provided in attachment to provide ideas for Part B. you need write all 3000 words in Part B.

1.Conduct an Inventory analysis of EHC’s ingredient stock, and revised inventory plan with reductions.(calculation for this part )

2.(only choose one question below in 2 )
first, Construct a Value stream for EHC’s tray-bake product and critically evaluate how they could apply lean principles to improve this part of their operation.
second, Critically evaluate EHC’s position in the overall supply network and develop a strategy for EHC’s ‘downstream’ supply chain, including a B2C channel.

3. Develop an improvement strategy for EHC’s operational performance by answering the questions below;
?? Identify and justify the competitive priorities for improving two
of the performance dimensions for EHC
?? Specify how your recommendations from section B impact the
two chosen performance dimensions, and how you would measure any improvements?
(Remember you can utilise your work on the performance dimensions from Part A)

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