Organization Analysis Paper Assignment

Required texts
1. Alan P. Brache. How Organizations Work. Taking a Holistic Approach to Enterprise Health. ISBN: 0471200338. Published by: John Wiley & Sons, New York 2. Beverly Scott, Consulting on the Inside, Published by ASTD 3. Allison Rossett, First Things Fast A handbook for Performance Analysis, Second Edition, ISBN: 978-0-7879-8848-7 Published by: Pfeiffer/John Wiley & Sons, New York 4. Case Study Articles provided.
Organization Analysis Paper Assignment Needs assessment for HRD interventions take place in a specific organizational context that is critical to understand in order to provide a practical and effective analysis. The HRD professional conducting needs analysis work must be able to understand the complex and dynamic characteristics of the organization in which they work.
Students will prepare an analysis of their workplace organization or another of their choosing using the enterprise model as a guide. The paper will address all relevant elements contained in the enterprise model and use these elements as headings in the body of the paper. Students will draw on readings in Brache, course materials and other relevant knowledge and sources gained through work experience, life experience, and study.
Note that considering the self-management questions in each chapter while keeping their subject organizations in mind is very helpful in constructing the analysis paper. Simple “yes” or “no” responses to each of the questions are neither necessary nor sufficient. The self-assessment questions are simply a guide to stimulate and organize your thinking and writing. Student papers that consist of a simple list of questions with yes or no responses are not acceptable.
In closing the paper please identify at least three recommendations you have for improving the manner in which the organization functions. The recommendations are prioritized and a supporting rationale is provided for each one. This section also includes a brief description of potential barriers to implementing the recommendations and what might be done to overcome the barriers. Chapters 10-12 provide support for your thinking in “putting it all together”.
Use APA style. In no more than 18 pages, support your analysis with material from the text and other outside reference sources if appropriate.
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