organization's landscape

Write 3 paragraphs addressing question 1 with 2 reference:

1. An organization’s landscape can be expansive and complex. Most organizations rely heavily upon information technology as a way to achieve outcomes. Conduct a needs assessment on your current hospital. Evaluate the cross-functionality of departments to identify gaps or opportunities for more effectively utilizing information technology to improve collaboration, efficiency, and communication. Recommend improvements based on your assessment. Include an explanation of the benefits in your proposal

Write 4 paragraphs addressing question 2 with 2 reference:

2. Respond to the “Apply Your Skills: Case for Critical Analysis: Email Adventure,” located at the end of Chapter 17 in the Management textbook. I have sent the chapter to support. The questions to be answered are:

1. What is the underlying communication mistake in this case? What do you think Howard Tannerbaum sent those e-mails?
2. How do you think Tannerbaum should have communicated his concerns about the information link?
3. What should Tannerbaum do now to try to recover from the negative impact of his e-mails? Suggest specific steps.
Please note that I had taken pictures of the text book so it reads the first column on the first page then the first column on the 2nd page, then the 3rd column on the 3rd page. Then the reading starts the 2nd column etc. The attachments were sent to


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