Overall the assignment question is: Using either the audit or benchmarking approach critically evaluate an intervention practice program or service within your work-based setting

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Assessment 1: Literature search, Evaluation Question and Plan


  • Due Date: 

Sunday 13 March 23:30 hours

  • Weighting Percentage: 


  • Addresses learning outcome(s):
    • conceptualise a suitable project to enable evaluation of the delivery and effectiveness of one aspect of health care practice
  • Related graduate attribute(s):
    • UC graduates are professional – communicate effectively
    • UC graduates are professional – employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills
    • UC graduates are global citizens – adopt an informed and balanced approach across professional and international boundaries


Overall, the assignment question is: Using either the audit or benchmarking approach, critically evaluate an intervention, practice, program or service within your work-based setting.

This assessment will be undertaken in three (3) parts:

Assessment Part 1: Literature search, Evaluation Question and Plan

Due: End of Week 4: Sunday 27 March 2016 at 23:30 hrs

Word Limit: 2,000 words

Weighting: 30%

Task: Locate at least 10 key research papers, or other academic sources (e.g. national policy or jurisdictional health service policy) that will inform the evaluation. These papers or other academic sources should relate to the intervention, practice, program or service that you will evaluate. Critique the papers to enable you to write your introduction. Devise your evaluation question (using the PICO technique or a variant) and evaluation plan (using either the audit or benchmarking approach).

Marking criteria for Assignment One

Literature search, question and plan  Possible mark
 Student names and outlines the intervention, practice, program or service which they will evaluate.

·           Topic is appropriate and clearly expressed

·           At least ten (10) good quality  papers from a range of sources (journal  articles, other scholarly papers  and/or other academic sources) are listed and and their inclusion justified in 1-2 sentences for each paper.

 Student presents a suitable evaluation question

·           PICO (or  variant) is used to devise the question

·           Question is appropriate (not to broad or narrow, pertinent to the student’s work area, evaluation is ‘doable’ within the time frame, i.e. 13 weeks)


·           Presents a clear outline of the evaluation plan based on the literature  search and  their professional experience.

·           Clearly shows why the chosen topic is important.

·           Suggests how the evaluation will help improve  practice.

·           Considers the key issues for the evaluation of the chosen intervention,  practice,  program or service, from at least three (3) of the following  perspectives:

·                       Clinical

·                       Managerial

·                       Socio-cultural

·                       Legal

·                       Political


. Appropriately presents their work in respect to format, grammar,                                   spelling, English  expression and word limit

·           Correctly references their work.

·           Adheres to the  conventional  academic style for scholarly papers outlined  in: Perrin, R. (2009). Pocket guide to APA Style (Updated 3rd ed.). Boston,  MA:  Wadsworth Cengage Learning.  Library Call Number: BF76.7.P47 2009.


 Total marks (%) 30




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