Overview of Parenting after Launching

Each stage of family and childhood development presents its own unique challenges that require families to find ways to adapt and cope. It is important for a counselor to be aware of some of the challenges families face and the internal and external resources that might be available. This week, you explored some of the challenges families naturally encounter, including the processes of aging, caring for parents, and experiences related to life in multigenerational households.

As family systems evolve, family members’ ages and genders have remained key variables for exploring and understanding human development. Using gender as your primary focus, conduct a library research to find at least two articles that provide information on gender and aging in our society.

. How do gender differences impact experiences of aging in our society?
. Are there any spiritual or religious implications associated with gender and aging?
. What new information can you share on gender and aging? (Be sure to cite your sources of information.)
. What are some of the ramifications of this new information on your ministry?

Daniela Wilks and Felix Neto, Workplace “Well-being, Gender and age: Examining the ‘Double Jeopardy Effect,”Social Indicators Research 114, 3 December, 2013)
Fowler, James W. 1981. Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning. San Francisco: Harper.
Fourth Edition, The Family; A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary; Jack O. Balswick and Judith K. Balswick

Or, you can choose your own. Long as it works for the assignment.


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