packaging analysis

packaging analysis

Write a 3-4 page essay that provides a semiotic analysis on one of the text options noted below (e.g. advertisement, shop, package). Construct a specific and argumentative thesis statement that makes an assertion about what the text tells the viewer about American culture or the American consumer. DO NOT WRITE ABOUT SEX UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY THAT IS NOT OBVIOUS. IF YOUR POINT IS “SEX SELLS” OR “ADVERTISERS ARE USING SEX TO CAPTURE OUR ATTENTION” THEN YOU WILL RECEIVE A “C” AT THE HIGHEST SINCE THAT IS AN OBVIOUS POINT.
For example, you might assert that “Advertisers try to appeal to the consumer’s paradoxical need to excel and the need to be like everyone else.” Then by analyzing the text you have selected, you will support your thesis statement. Other support should include ideas and assertions from the articles we have read for this unit as they relate to your argument.Select a product and analyze the packaging. Again, what signs are used to convey a message to the audience? Is the packaging directed to a specific audience? Does the packaging portray certain values?
You may also compare and contrast the packaging of 2-3 different brands of that product. What are some of the similarities and differences? Do not provide merely a literal comparison/contrast; instead, discuss what these elements of packaging suggest about our cultural practices and beliefs.
Do we also “package” ourselves in a similar manner? To whom do we “package” ourselves and in what ways?


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