Pamphlet assignment on the growth hormone- somotropin

Each student will be assigned a drug classification and develop a pamphlet designed for non-medical persons who read at a 5th grade reading level. The pamphlet must be written in your own words and medical terminology is not allowed, as every healthcare professional may not understand. For instance, you cannot say this medication is an anti-hypertensive, as non-medical persons do not know what that means. You may instead consider wording such as “assists in the control of high blood pressure…” The information must be correct, clear, and easy to understand and all key components included. The pamphlet needs to include color, appropriate graphics and be formatted so it is appealing to read. Key components include: information about how the drug works in the body, indications for use, side effects, when to call the doctor while on this drug, and other non pharmacological measures a person can do to manage their health problem. For instance, if the patient is on an anti-hypertensive medication, they can lose weight and exercise to lower their blood pressure. Include at least 2 references. The minimum word count, excluding captions on graphics, is 200.


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