Parenting styles and the associated outcomes in children

Select a topic that interests you (parenting styles: “Authoritative” being the ideal/positive style and the other more negative ones, “Authoritarian”, “Permissive”, and “Uninvolved”; and the associated outcomes in children) and research that topic. Do not research an entire chapter (this will be too broad) nor should you attempt to research a single term or concept as you will have trouble finding enough information to complete your assignment. Chose a general topic from the book, instead. Compose an essay to detail your findings.

This should be 3-5 COMPLETE pages in length, plus a “sources cited” page. Use a 12 pt., serif font, double spaced, with 1″ margins. Do not use 1st person (I/me) or second person (you). APA citations required. This includes internal citations and sources sited texts. You may not use your textbook or any “Wiki” internet site as a source.


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