peer review(weaknessness of paper and recommendations)

peer review(weaknessness of paper and recommendations)

prepare a brief review of a peer’s draft submission for the Position Paper. Your review should written in paragraph form (not bullet points).

Above all, your review should be constructive. Rather than simply identifying areas for improvement, you should do your best to offer advice on how the improvements might be made. Below are a few questions to help guide your thinking as you read your peer’s work. These are not offered as a checklist — you should NOT write your review around them. If other questions or better questions occur to you, by all means ask them!

review the description of the paper and the review criteria on the course web site. Your goal is to help your peer produce the best submission possible. After reading the paper, ask yourself:
• What are the strongest aspects of the paper as it stands? When the paper is revised, what do you want to make sure is not taken out or changed?
• Does the paper respond fully to the assignment as stated (the list of questions)?
Are there specific gaps you could help the authors address? Explain these as best you can.
• Is the prose clear and easy to follow? Are there particular places where the author “loses” you? How might the language be made clearer?
• Does the paper hang together well? Did you find any transitions between paragraphs or sections difficult to follow?
• Are the various parts of the paper in proportion? For instance, are some sections longer or more detailed than you think they need to be to serve their intended purpose? Are some so short that they are not contributing in a clear way to the overall purpose of the paper?
• Does the paper draw appropriately from our readings and discussion in the course to strengthen the ideas it presents (e.g. to clarify the meaning of the terms used, to explain sources of inspiration, to provide examples of ideas that have “worked” or not)?
• Can you think of any other specific ways to enhance the paper (for instance, by re-arranging sections or paragraphs, adding diagrams or sketches, etc.)?

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