People resourcing

The coursework is designed to be divergent, in the sense that it encourages students to produce work that is distinctively different from their peers. Wherever possible the coursework will be work-related, but students who have limited access to organisational information will have an option to undertake a case-study based assignment. All students are encouraged to use information and data from organisational, as well as academic sources, in both the coursework and the exam.


Case Study – students will be given details of a fictional or real organisation and a particular People Resourcing policy, practice and issue. They will be asked to produce a critical analysis and evaluation of this matter in the light of the organisational context and to relate it to relevant theory and up-to-date literature. Finally, the critical analysis and evaluation should lead to a justified set of realistic, practical and cost-effective recommendations for the organisation.

Students will be provided with the Case Study details in Learning Week 3 – w/c 12th October, when they will be given time to discuss initial thoughts with colleagues and the tutor. They can then submit a synopsis of their coursework (c300 words) to their tutor, at any time up to Learning Week 6 – w/c 2nd November. Their tutor will then provide brief feedback about the synopsis. There is no particular format for the synopsis, but it should probably include their initial thoughts about the organisational context, the policy and proposed links to theory, research and other academic sources, together with some initial thoughts about possible recommendations. Feedback from tutors will be brief, but will aim to provide students with guidance and support.


The Harvard system of referencing MUST be used. See Appendix A. Any coursework, which does not observe this convention, is likely to be penalised.


  • For the assignment there is a word limit of 2,500 words (+/-10%).
The word limit applies to the main text of the assignment written by the 
 It excludes:
o Any cover or title page and the contents pages
o The references section at the back of the assignment o Any appendices
  • Penalties for exceeding the word limit are:
o 5% off marks awarded for an assignment which is up to 20% 
over the word limit
o 10% off marks awarded for an assignment which is up to 40% 
over the word limit


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