Retelling Persepolis


• Each of you has already written a version of Persepolis 
• You should make an accurate map of both Book 1 of Persepolis, and of the film version.

THINK about the way you told the story, and compare it to your map. When you wrote your version of Persepolis, what did you think was important enough to include? What did you leave out? Did you concentrate on certain characters? Did you omit others? Did you focus on one aspect of the main character’s life? Did some scenes kind-of take over your version? Why? 

What do your choices say about you? Do you tend to be very abrupt and fact-driven, so your piece reads like a police report? Are you close to your grandmother or your uncles, so that you gave a lot of time to those scenes from Persepolis? Are you apolitical, so that you therefore ignored the politics in the story? Or are you from a politically active family, so that those parts stood out to you as very important? Are you dealing with romantic disappointments, so that you concentrated on that part of the story? Or, have you been programmed to gravitate towards romantic narratives because of your gender and your culture’s expectations of gender?

WRITE – an essay of between 5-6 pages in which you explore the question, “What do the choices you made in telling this story have to say about you?” Or, “Why did you make the choices you did?”

Make sure you quote from the film, and the graphic novel. Cite from the film and from the book using MLA citation.


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