Personal Development Planning

Assignment Task
Your task is to present a 1200 word report in which you define Personal Development Planning, and
select three areas of development which you then have to discuss in greater detail.
There will be three parts to this – an introduction (150 words approximately), a main body (900
words approximately) and a conclusion (150 words approximately).
You should follow the structure outlined below:

(a) Introduction- Define Personal Development Planning (150 words)
This should include at least one academic source.

(b) Main body- Choose three of the following topics and explain why they are an important part
of students’ Personal Development Planning – drawing on appropriate sources (900 words)

1. Understanding Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism

2. Computer Literacy

3. Communication Skills

4. Leadership Skills

5. Being able to write in an Academic and Critical manner

6. Group Work

7. Using Social Media to create a Professional Brand

(c) Conclusion – explain briefly how PDP at GSM London helps students in both the short and
long term in their studies and their overall personal development (150 words).


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