Personal Goals and Values

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After watching and reading about Rebecca’s case (Video – Personal Goals and Values – a 3-minute overview of module) on CloudDeakin, use the ideas presented in this Module to examine her situation. Then discuss her case on the unit Collaborate Discussion Forum.

Then, use the ideas presented in this Module to examine your own situation and answer the following questions in the assignment template provided below.

  1. Describe your top five personal goals for the next five to ten years.= 2%  (100 words+/- 10%).
  2. Explain how these goals do/do not relate to your personal values, ethics and needs.= 3% (150 words +/- 10%).
  3. Write a SMART plan for each of your top two  = 6% (300 words +/- 10%).
  4. Identify the challenges/difficulties you may face in achieving your top five goals and the steps you can take to ensure you progress towards achieving them. = 2% (100 words +/- 10%)
  5. After examining your personal goals and how to achieve them as identified in Module 2, use dot point to complete your Reflection/Action Plan**. In this section, you are required to source one or both of the articles (academic or practitioner) provided. 4% (200 words +/- 10%).

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