Personal Statement

Rhonda Love

Personal Statement


As I reflect back on my years of working in the pharmaceutical profession, I’ve had a successful career. The number of accolades that I received has proven that hard work does pay off. I worked tirelessly to achieve territorial and company goals, trained new team members, and participated in the company’s six sigma program. I’ve enjoyed my time working within the pharmaceutical industry. However, the time has come for me to focus on the next chapter of my career in public administration and my quest to work in management for the federal government.

The economy, jobs, increases in taxes, and the federal deficit will continue to be the topics for discussion. But, there are other issues that have recently taken center stage such as the surge in shootings and killings of young African-American males by law enforcement. This issue has not only affected the African-American community but all races. The shoot first ask questions later approach is not always the solution. Law enforcement officials have tried to cover up the accurate accounts of what actually transpired between the police and the suspect. Another issue is the lead tainted water that the residents of Flint, MI were drinking and bathing in. Government officials knew for months that the pipes contained lead and would contaminate the water. Now, there are residents (children in particular) who are sickened with lead poisoning. The truth for some of these issues are coming into fruition. However, there are leaders in these public positions that have deceived the public. We need leaders who will operate with honesty and integrity who will do the right thing for the good of all. These are some of the issues that I want to work on be commissioned to create solutions or implement programs that will benefit society.

One of my career goals is to participate in the Presidential Management Fellows Program, the federal government’s premier leadership development program. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to partake in this leadership training. I will work closely with the Agency Presidential Management Fellows Coordinator to ensure that my career development and requirements are successfully completed. At the completion of the fellowship, the goal is to be placed permanently to a full-time management position. My long term career goal is to work in a leadership role as a director or chief administrative officer for a federal agency. In this role, I would have the ability to achieve organizational integration, easily assimilate job requirements, and employ new methodologies.

DePaul University will help me accomplish my career goals. I would like to attend DePaul University for a few reasons. DePaul has an abundance of academic programs to choose from. I have done my research on other colleges and universities and decided that DePaul has the curriculum that best fit what I need to learn to earn a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Courses such as Government Financial Administration, Policy Design and Analysis, and Ethical Leadership will prepare me to seize long term growth opportunities with a federal agency particularly the United States Department of State. DePaul is open to a wide range of diverse people and accepting of who you are. And most importantly, DePaul has campuses that a conveniently located from my job and residence.

My academic goals are to Master’s Degree in Public Administration, develop core skills and competencies through class courses that are necessary to work in this field and in management, and graduate with honors. I considered myself a stellar student as an undergrad. I earned a presidential scholarship which paid for my education at Columbia College. Also, I attended the International Academy of Design and Technology where I maintained a 3.5 grade point average and on the Dean and President’s list for several semesters. I graduated with honors and was inducted into the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.

Based on these academic accomplishments, I am ready for graduate school. I am ready to dedicate the next two to three years of my life to prepare for a career in public administration. I am ready to put in the long hours to submit scholarly work to the critical review of faculty members and peers in my discipline. And last, graduate studies can ensure enhanced qualifications for a career which typically can result in higher level jobs, increase in job satisfaction, and self-confidence.


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