personal support statement or information (biomedical Scientist) personal support statement or information (biomedical Scientist)

                                                         Abeer Alhaj






A hardworking, confident and self-motivated individual who is reliable and trustworthy. Able to work well as part of a team and can also use own initiative to achieve results. A good communicator who is able to get on well with people from different backgrounds.




Looking for opportunity to improve my skills and experience in the field of biomedical science. Also flexible and willing to undertake any training deemed necessary.



Academic Qualification


  • 2009 – 2013                 BSc in Biomedical Science

University of Salford, Manchester

  • 2006 – 2009               BTEC in medical Science, Health and Social Care.

Swansea College, Swansea.

  • 1999 – 2006 Gained 10 GCSE’s Grades A to C including English and Mathematics.                                                          Daniel James High School, Swansea.



Relevant and Employment History


  • Sharjah University Hospital, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate

Hematology lab technician (01/10/2013- 01/10/2015)



  • Collected, prepared and processed all laboratory specimens for clinical examination.
  • Communicating with different hospital department
  • Perform call back for critical (panic) results.
  • Prepared and maintained correct and timely test record and reports.
  • Analyzed, interpreted and report on patients test results, in an efficient manner.
  • Calibrated, maintained, and repaired all laboratory equipment safely
  • Perform hematological tests such as CBC in Sysmex machine, coagulation in Stago machine, ESR and blood film and reading all differential indices
  • Perform immuno-hematological (blood transfusion service) diagnostic tests such as ABO/RH grouping, Direct and indirect agglutination tests, compatibility (cross match) tests, and antibody identification test.
  • Perform special staining, processes when request.
  • Prepared histologic slide containing human tissues section by processing, embedding, and cutting, mounting and staining.
  • Prepare microscopic slides on human tissues for diagnostic purpose
  • Embedded tissues correctly within timeframes prescribed by the department. Under direct supervision of Pathologist.




2) Global Office for Higher Education, UK (December 2011- June 2013)

Marketing and Development Assistant



  • Responsible for completing reports, data management and other paper works.
  • Provide company research and competitor analysis related to marketing projects.
  • Supported the development, production, and distribution of marketing.
  • Send e-mails to university and colleges to gets student offers letter for higher education and send email to student.
  • Take minutes through meeting with company managing Director and write reports.
  • Assisted in the execution of innovative marketing programs.



It skills

  • I am experienced on Microsoft access, as I have created numerous amounts of databases during my Biomedical Science Course and at my work place.
  • I can perform sophisticated calculations using different formulas on Microsoft Excel.
  • I also have the ability to produce presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint by using different techniques and models.



Special skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team player
  • Strong attention to details, disciplined, careful and focused
  • Time management, skills gained whiles at my previous jobs, I had a plan and manage work for myself and one other person. To ensure deadlines were met I kept an up to date Outlook diary as well as getting weekly checking from my colleagues to ensure deadlines were met.
  • Language: Arabic and English (fluent)
  • Full/clean valid driving license


Hobbies & Interests


In my spare time I enjoy reading; particularly scientific magazines and fiction, watching TV, listen to music, and makeup artist, fashion and styling.



Available on request



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