persuasive essay

Please answer some of these questions.

• What was the nature of women’s public political activities?
• What motivated them?
• How did the French Revolution influence American women?​
• Could the various political activities of women be considered substantive? Why or why not?
• What was the concept of “republican womanhood” which emerged from the Revolution? Were the political activities of women supportive or destructive of this notion?
• How did the republican ideology unleashed by the American Revolution affect women?
• Did all women react in the same way to the French Revolution? What factors influenced their response?
• Did the political activities of upper and lower class women differ? Why or why not?
• What was the influence of such protofeministwriters as Judith Sargent Murray and Mary Wollstonecraft on women’s political ideas and activities?
• How did women’s public roles change in the last two decades of the 18th century? In the first quarter of the 19th century?
• What class of women is the primary focus of this study? Why?
• How did the following three developments affect women’s participation in the political culture: an expansive print revolution, the development of theaters and (literary) salons, and the evolution of a vibrant two-party system (Federalists vs. Democratic/Republicans)?
• Did the rhetoric of gendered spheres of influence (private/public) accurately reflect what was going on in early national Philadelphia?
• What were the avenues or venues through which women’s presence became important for control of the nation’s political culture?
• How did the French Revolution act as a catalyst to American women’s collective political behavior?
• How did the participation of women in the newly reconstituted theater provide women with opportunities for increased political expression?
• How did the salon as a cultural institution link gender and politics?
• Why does this study almost necessarily have an urban and a Philadelphia focus?
• How did the American Revolution foster the confidence and autonomy of women?
• How did the gender equation in marriage begin to change in this era?
• What was the rationale for improved female education?
• Did the new federal Constitution of 1787 really include women? Why or why not?
• How did the coalescence of competing political ideologies into formal political organizations in the early 19th century have a dampening effect on women’s strictly political activities? Where did public-spirited women channel their energies?
• Basically, evaluate the extent and impact of women ‘s political activities during this formative era in American history.

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