Q1. Write a pesudocode to read 3 product names, their prices and calculate their subtotal, amount of tax and total.

Q2. Write the same program above but use function to return the tax based on a TAXRATE of 8.25%

Q3. Write a pseudocode to read three tests, 3 quizzes and two projects. If the tests count as 50% of the total score, quizzes as 15%, and the projects counts as the remaining 35%, calculate the final score. Also print the letter grade corresponding to the final score based on classical scale (90-100, A, etc). Make sure the average is not less than zero or greater than 100.

Q4. Write a pseudocode that will declare and read 10 values in an array of numbers. In another loop, find the total, the count and the average of only these values that are >= 500 and <= 1000


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