Philosophical arguments against animal cruelty

first , select and answer only TOW questions below :

Be able to describe the philosophical arguments against animal cruelty regarding “sentience” and “equal inherent value.”
What does Marx argue regarding the value of commodities and theft?
What is the difference between use and exchange value?
Why has exchange value taken priority in the capitalist system?
What does the author mean by “fetishism of commodities”?
How are animals “superexploited”?
In what ways are animals alienated?
What happens to people when they kill animals for a living?
(The answers has to be from the reading file ).

1.[A brief assessment of what you found most educational about the reading. What inspired you about the reading?
2. A brief assessment of what challenged you the most from the reading. What gave you the most difficulty?


Two questions based on the reading.a.The questions should contain enough detail so that it demonstrates you have grappled with the material. Try not to ask overly simplistic questions such as “what is use value?” b.Also, develop questions that are conceptually distinct from each other and not too closelyrelated. c.These questions are not meant to be too elaborate or take a great deal of time to prepare.As you complete the weekly readings, take down notes and any questions you may have.i.The questions may be used to stimulate discussion as well as address areas that may need more clarification.ii.The questions could ask about the interpretations of the readings.


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