Photometric Photometry Of The Pleiades_1.pdf

Please complete the PDF file title PhotometricPhotometryOfThePleiades_1.pdf
Use only the resources that are provided to you.
Do NOT use outside sources.
ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN PDF file title PhotometricPhotometryOfThePleiades_1.pdf

The following link can be used to answer questions regarding the PDF file PhotometricPhotometryOfThePleiades_1.pdf

YouTube: Live Lab Help Session Recording – Photometry of the Pleiades

Please follow the following instructions to answer questions in the PDF file Photometry of the Pleiades.

Use the PDF file Resources Photometry Lab, this file is the alternate data to be used when answering questions.

USE the ALTERNATE DATA file posted in the Lab 8: Photoelectric Photometry of the Pleiades Lab Content module (Content tab) in the “Resources Photometry Lab” file, scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the alternate data table

• instead of  Q8 in the Photometry of the Pleiades PDF: USE Absolute Magnitude Overlay PDF file.


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