PICOT questions

1. Select a health-related topic applicable to your practice setting and formulate a clinical question using the PICO (T) format.
2. Identify key terms that you will use to search the literature, based on the PICO (T) elements.
3. Search for information on your formulated clinical question in each of these three databases: PubMed, CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature), and The Joanna Briggs Institute database.
4. Present the results of the searches in the tables provided in the Evidence-Based Practice Searchable Clinical Questions Form found in Course Resources. Although the worksheet is provided, you may need to add additional rows to the grid in order to accommodate your search results. Be sure to include all of your steps in the Notes column.
5. Submit the form to the Dropbox by the due date.

1. In Course Resources, you will find the Week 5 Evidence-Based Practice Searchable Clinical Questions Form. This is the form to be used to submit the assignment. No other paper is required for this assignment. Although this form is provided for this assignment, you may need to add additional rows to the grid to accommodate your search results. 
2. Below, you will find an example of how to complete the form as you are doing each search.
3. The Notes section is to be completed in detail as each step of the search is undertaken. Be sure to include all of the steps you used.
4. An optimal range of 10–20 scholarly articles is to be achieved for each search. This may require performing a combination of Boolean terms in order to achieve the optimal range. If this is not possible, a detailed explanation is to be included in the Notes section. Points will be deducted if you do not perform enough of a search to arrive at the optimal range.


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