Plant Sciences Challenges in Land Use

Using the plant species (Aloe vera) to develop an in-depth overview of a current challenge to the plant sciences. Reports should demonstrate an awareness of the current challenge or issue as it affects society/ies at large, the plant sciences in general, and its effect on the production/use of your specific plant (Aloe vera). The chosen challenge is land use. Remember to connect the essay with challenge of 2050. By that time, there will be 9 billion humans on Earth. How can we use it in an effective way?


1. Introduction: what’s the challenge, how will it affect your plant/s, and so what?

2. Body: 
* Challenge Overview 
– Provide a general overview of your challenge topic area as it relates to humans and society at large (global/regional/local where applicable)
– Describe the challenge as it relates to the plant sciences-depending on your challenge and focus area, this might include research, production, and/or use of plant species. It might be necessary to narrow down your challenge topic to a specific issue or concern (e.g., Water Issues might be presented as Water Conservation or Water Quality, or left general-it’s up to each group)-if so, explain the project focus clearly
* Challenge Impact on Selected Plants (Aloe vera)
– Describe the impact that the challenge topic will have, including specific issues for the plant species
– Include: how the plant’s use and/or production will be affected, resource availability and use, who this will impact and in what way, degree of importance in relation to the overall challenge to society

3. Impact Summary
– Evaluate and compare the effects that the challenge topic will have on society, the plant sciences.
– Identify possible solutions or adaptations that plant scientists are already using or could employ to address the challenges in general and for each member’s plant species. Use case studies/real world examples/citations if possible.
– Be sure to answer this question (not necessarily literally): How will this challenge alter the way we produce or use these plants, and what can plant scientists do to adapt?


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