Natural Capital Central Strategies – as Applied in the Playbook!
On pages 10-11 of Natural Capitalism the four central strategies of Natural Capitalism are introduced and explained. Then, in The Green to Gold Playbook there are numerous examples of how these strategies are applied by businesses and leading corporations. In the Playbook, the strategies are not specifically identified but the application of them is clear from the examples. Here is an example: When a company finds ways to cut its energy use, it is applying the strategy of “Radical Resource Productivity,” i.e., the company is squeezing out more energy while consuming the same amount or less fuel. The assignment is for you to search though the examples in the Playbook and find those that illustrate the application of these four strategies. You must find and explain one example of the application for each of the four strategies. Write up the four examples in the form of a formal essay. You will have all semester to complete and submit this essay.
Suggested Approach
First study the four strategies in Natural Capitalism. Then, as you read the Playbook, look for examples of how companies are applying these strategies. This will help you deepen your understanding of the four strategies and how they can help companies cut costs and/or increase profits. In many cases individuals and families, in addition to firms, can apply the strategies to save money and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.
1. Go to pp. 10 & 11 of Natural Capitalism and carefully study the four central strategies of Natural Capitalism found there. Continue your study of these four strategies by carefully reading the rest of the chapter which provides an in depth explanation of each strategy.
2. From your reading of The Green to Gold Business Playbook, identify examples that illustrate the application of each of the four strategies. This will not be easy! None of the examples are specifically identified as illustrations of these four strategies. Your challenge is to identify the examples that correspond to the strategies. As you read the assigned chapters in the Playbook, be alert to examples that “fit” the strategies. Expect to read most of the Playbook to find the examples you are looking for. You have all semester to find the examples and write your essay explaining them. Take notes as you read each of the required chapters and list examples that “fit” the strategies. When you are satisfied that you have found an example of each of the four strategies, you are ready to begin writing your essay.
3. Your essay should list and explain one example for each of the strategies. For each of the examples your essay must include the following information. (See sample answers below.)
a. The strategy that is illustrated by the example
b. The page in the Playbook where the example is found.
c. The name of the company or organization that implemented the strategy.
d. An explanation of how the example illustrates the strategy.
1. Resources should be written within the essay.
2.the books should be cited too ( playbook & Natural Capitalism
thank you


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