Policy Advice to Minister of Economic Development, Employm

This is not exactly an essay, it should be a briefing note. (bullet form but still full sentences)

We are supposed to look at global trends first (e.g. where is high tech and innovation going, 2008 econ recession, labour mobility and outsourcing, free trade agreements), and see how it affects specific cities in Ontario, and how Ontario as a whole is affected. Can look at unemployment, transportation, infrastructure, poverty reduction strategy, GDP growth, training/skills development.
However focus on Ontario, not too much on global city trends.

In RECOMMENDATIONS part there should be one key recommendation. Need to prove why it is the important one over three others. Also, give the minister suggestions that he can actually improve on.

Some useful websites (other than the ones listed in assignment sheet):
-Statistics Canada
-Ministry of Finance
-The Conference Board
-The Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity
-The Brookings Institute (especially their Metropolitan Program)
-check out Ontario city websites (has economic reports and strategies), may have some common themes

I thought about the trends, and have a few ideas but not sure which one is really related to this assignment and if the minister will care or not. If you think my idea is perfect pls use mine first!! However all trends mentioned before are recommendations from the prof so they should be more related…
1. unemployment in graduate students (mismatch in skills; many need to work part-time; many students don’t pay enough attention to skills needed for jobs available) 
2. money spent on transportation (increase in TTC fare; taxi base fare dropped)


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