Policy Briefing Report

Policy Briefing Report

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As a social worker working in organisations you need to develop the capacity to analyse policy proposals in terms of implications for your organisation and the clients you assist, and the skill to communicate the implications in a succinct and understandable manner. For this task, you are an employee of a non-government agency. You are requested to write a Briefing paper for your CEO/Manager to advise him/her of the details of a recent policy research report/proposal.

– Read the policy research report provided to you and take note of the issue, ideas put forward, evidence, proposals etc
– Research other relevant documents that assist you to understand the policy issue and the likely impacts for your organisation and/or clients
– Write a Briefing report for your CEO/Manager which includes clear and concise information about: the issue; background; current situation; key considerations; and some conclusions or recommendations about what needs to happen next.

Purpose/Issue; Body (Background, current situation, key considerations) and Conclusions/Next steps/actions.

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