Political Economy of Development (Essay proposal)



How does poverty lead to conflict?


Policies for reducing poverty in developing countries




  1. What is the topic of your proposed dissertation?





  1. What is your research question?

Please make sure that your questions are answerable, and that you have a what, why, or how angle to your project.





  1. Why would you like to explore this question? Which contribution do you plan to make?





  1. What are the (theoretical) debates which your dissertation will relate to?





  1. In terms of proposed methodology, is your project


  1. mainly a normative/theoretical project? [ ]
  2. mainly an empirical project? [ ]
  3. mainly involving quantitative methods? [ ]
  4. mainly involving qualitative methods? [ ]
  5. a mixed methods project? (tick above also) [ ]
  6. any other type of methods? [ ]


Please specify ……………………………


  1. Which methods or techniques for analysis do you plan to use?

At this stage, you may not be able to be specific on this question, as you will not have covered all possible methods in class. But please provide as much detail as possible.





  1. What type of data do you need? Do you have access? If not, how will you collect it?



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