Postmodernism and modernism

Considering the definitions of postmodernism and modernism above, you are to write at least a twelve-page, argumentative essay in which you explore, research, and analyze any movement, character, or theory of postmodernism and modernism and how these movements’ characteristics compare or contrast to the plot development, characters’ actions, and/or thoughts and philosophies expounded in Pessl’s Special Topics in Calamity Physics (STCP). To bolster and verify the analysis in your Major Essay #2, you must constantly provide textual references from both Pessl’s novel and the six pre-approved scholarly sources that will logically verify the terms of your argument. The textual references from STCP and the six approved scholarly sources must provide at least 85% of all supporting evidence. Other supplemental texts or media of your choosing can also be used, without approval, but must comprise no more than 15% of your total support and verification for your argument.


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