Potential flows analyses

Tasks: Potential flows analyses


Choose 3 different standard flows. And the strength of these three flows will be 12, 17 and 47.


Derive expressions for the stream and potential functions of the combined flows and obtain expressions for velocity components and distributions over one stream line of your choice.


  • Use a graphical method to sketch the streamlines for the combined flow, showing the position of any stagnation points.


  • Also, assuming you can change the position of the flows relative to each other, how will this affect the resulting stream lines? Try only one change.


  • Obtain and comment on the pressure distribution in the flow field at any stream line of your choice.









Learning Outcomes  
This assignment addresses the following learning outcome(s) of the module: critically analyse and solve a range of problems in aerodynamics.  
Marking Scheme Marks Available Marks Awarded
Modelling and choice of standard flows equations and complexity level. 40  
Good working procedures and graphical technique 20  
Good evaluation and comments on pressure distribution 20  
Well drawn conclusions about the effects of each parameter in the equations. 10  
Good presentation and use of graphs 10  









Note from me: I will attach an old example of potential flow assignment to get general idea but it is bit different than this assignment. Please do not copy from it.


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