Practice Led Research

1) 700 word Abstract
2) Title
3)Abstract brief outline of field, main argument and conclusion to the identified line of inquiry.
concisely describes the content and scope of work (the limits within which you are to write about content) issue, outlined, thesis (what/how/why)
use clear language
write in third person
Minimum 15 academic sources combination of primary and secondary

(((((My focus is Materiality))))))

The theories are:
1) Modernism and its Reiterations (geometry, system and edge)
2) Postmodernism (Surface and Semiotics)
3) Phenomenology (Matter and Context)
4) Deconstructivism (Destabilising matter)
5) Supermodernity (Global Simulations)
6) Indeterminate Territories ( Endless Transformation)
7) Cities, Public Space and Events (Activism and Agency)
8) Discursive de/re-constructions (Power, Rhetoric Memory)

LOOK at the uploaded file….

any question please contact me, please

Use the UK writing style (English)


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