Prepare a cash budget for Precision Machines in Microsoft® Excel

Hi, I have the next assignment and will like to know if you can help me, how fast and how much will be? This is the assignment: Note: There are two parts to this learning team assignment; Part 1 was completed in Week 3. Review the “Precision Machines” document and spreadsheet. Prepare a cash budget for Precision Machines in Microsoft® Excel®.     Create a 1,225-word strategic analysis and include the following: • Recommend a cash management strategy for the company that will minimize the financing cost and increase the cash flows for the company. (This is the part I need to do, plus introduction and conclusion. Is around 900 words). • Explain two economic and market forces that will impact the financial plan of this company. Format your documents consistent with APA guidelines. I’m including the other part that someone else did, and I highlighted what I need. Will be waiting for your answe

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