prepare a Leverage Buyout proposal to acquire a company

Task: You are an analyst for a private equity fund and have been asked to prepare a Leverage Buyout proposal to acquire CSL limited. Prepare a report which presents a proposal for the manager of the private equity fund to consider prior to the proposal to be put to the advisory board of the fund.
You are required to use the methodology employed in the reference paper (see above) to value CSL and your report should address the following issues:
• A brief business overview
• Identify the reasons why CSL could be an attractive target.
• Propose the financing structure for the LBO and estimate the share price for the LBO proposal.
• Conduct the sensitivity analysis and propose the offering price to the shareholders of CSL.
• Identify the potential risks of the proposed LBO.
• Identify the possible exit strategies and estimate the potential returns to the LBO investors.
Note: Assumptions made in the proposal must be supported by a thoughtful analysis with available data.
Tables and figures should be presented in a professional format. Any references used should be cited in the text and listed at the end of the report.
Format: Typed 12 point Times Roman font, A4-sized pages.
Reference: CSL website ( other relevant websites.
Michel A. and Shaked I. “RIR Nabisco: A case study of a complex leverage buyout.” Financial Analyst Journal, Sep/Oct (1991), 15-27.


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