Principles of Terrorism

– DMM 627 Principles of Terrorism (3-0-3) – The types of terrorism, along with the social, political and psychological motivations and ramifications of terrorism are the focus of this course. Terrorism threat risk assessment and prevention strategies are also components.
– The required Textbooks for this course (please see the syllabus) : Giduck, John, When Terror Returns: The History and Future of Terrorist Mass-Hostage Sieges, Archangel Group Ltd. (2011) (ISBN: 0-9767753-5-5) o Gunaratna, Roham, Inside Al Qaeda, Columbia University Press (2002) (ISBN: 978-0231126922 o Lewis, Bernard, The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror, Random House (2004) (ISBN: 0-8129-6785-2) o Reich, Walter, Origins of Terrorism, Woodrow Wilson Center Press (1998) ISBN: 978-0943875897 Additional assigned readings will be provided in Blackboard.
What assessments might AQ have made in deciding the type of attack to employ, the targets of the attack, and particularly the timing of the attack? That is, what were they gambling that they were assessing correctly in launching the Madrid attack? Would the timing have been different if they had wanted to attack the United States with the same methodology for the same reasons vis-à-vis the timing they chose in Spain? How might they have assessed Americans differently? If they would have assessed Americans differently, if they were going to launch the identical attack, how might the timing of that attack been changed based on U.S. cultural characteristics, voting trends and general national history?


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