Problem in healthcare/nursing and propose a healthcare/nursing policy to solve the problem

A policy white paper is a position paper that helps readers understand a complex issue and presents solutions in a concise manner for the problem. A white paper typically describes a problem and proposes a strategy to solve the problem. For this paper, you will be describing a problem in healthcare/nursing and propose a healthcare/nursing policy to solve the problem.

You are to write a paper on a nursing-related or healthcare-related policy issue. Suggestions for the policy paper can be found at the link below. However, you may choose a policy of interest to you that is not on the list. Specific instructions for the policy white paper are:

Just as you presented multiple viewpoints in your ethical paper, you will do the same in your policy white paper. You will present the problem/issue from multiple policy options for dealing with the problem/issue. You will need to research in scholarly sources/databases. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source for this course.
Use these general steps in preparing and writing your policy white paper:
Identify the main problem your audience is facing and which you are proposing to solve. This step is done before writing the paper.
Write to your audience’s level of expertise and attention span. For this paper, your audience is other registered nurses.
Use a title page in APA format that includes the terms “white paper.” For example, if you are writing on policy related to the use of euthanasia, your title could be A Policy White Paper on Euthanasia (or something similar).
Begin your paper by describing the problem you identified in Step 1. Provide any background that is necessary for your audience to understand the policy issue. This is a good place to bring in data.
Move on to discussing specific aspects of the problem. This also is a good place to bring in data.
Describe several policy options for solving the problem/issue.
Describe your solution or solutions in the terms of a policy or policies to solve the problem.
Close your paper with a summary that reviews the problem, your solution, and the result you hope to see.
Use APA format throughout your paper including title page, pagination, headings, citations, references, etc.
Your paper most likely will be about 4-6 pages in length to adequately address a policy issue. However, there are no hard and fast rules about the paper length as long as you adequately address the policy issue. Whether you adequately address the issue or not is my call.
Review the scoring rubric for further guidance on writing the paper.
Policy White Paper Suggestions.docx Preview the document View in a new window

Additional help in writing a policy analysis paper can be found at (Links to an external site.)


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