problem related to schooling

In this project, you will deepen your understanding of consultation by serving as a consultant in your practicum site. The focus of the consultation is limited to your area of expertise but may concern any problem related to schooling including academic, behavioral, social, or motivational concerns. You may address a problem at the individual, classroom, or school level. For most projects, the client is typically an individual student. The consultee may be a teacher, parent, staff member, or a combination of individuals (e.g., conjoint behavioral consultation). The intervention that you propose must be evidence based and have empirical support. A central part of the project involves data collection to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention as well as to monitor intervention integrity. You will work with the consultee to collect baseline and outcome data and develop procedures to monitor the fidelity of the intervention. While not always possible, plan to tape and transcribe the interviews with the consultee and submit the tapes for formative feedback and supervision. (Note: Consultation is an indirect form of service delivery. But, as part of your professional development, you may opt to provide the intervention yourself as a form of direct service. Please seek approval from the instructor if you opt to go this route.) The consultation should include the following steps: a. Entry and establishing relationships b. Problem identification (PII) c. Problem analysis (PAI) d. Intervention plan e. Outcome evaluation (TEI, including evaluation of treatment integrity, treatment acceptability, consultee satisfaction) f. Termination and exit g. Follow-up (ideal, if possible) >>>>>>>>>>>>>


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