Productivity Improvement

Assignment Brief: 
Describe and illustrate the main functions of five selected Operations Management (OM) techniques that may be used in a small-medium manufacturing enterprise (SME) to help improve manufacturing performance measures? (Note: Select a particular case study from your own reading, research, or industrial experience to help you answer this question)!

Submission Requirements:
Your report should not exceed 2000 words ± 10%, and include any figures, tables or diagrams where appropriate, and be in the form of a business/technical report.

Marks Awarded for: 
Marks will be equally distributed and include for: the amount of research and effort included, any thoughtful structure and examples, figures, tables or diagrams or similar, clear concise descriptions and discussions, distinct advantages and disadvantages, related recommendations/conclusions, references and bibliography used etc.

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes: 
1. Acquire a broad understanding of the role of Operations Management within various organizations.
2. Understand the framework and concepts of Operations Management.
3. Develop an appreciation of operational processes, techniques, planning and control systems.
4. Demonstrate the application of appropriate measures and techniques to plan and control production

* proper use of diagrams and tables can help gaining extra marks.


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