Professional Aspirations: Why pursue an MBA at

Third my short term goals after mba are either a career in business development (eg. ) or a career in project management ( eg. ) my long term goal is to become a VP of a region for operations (eg.iraq) or a VP is a branch of operations (eg. offshore brownfield)

Please correlate from my work experience to the stern mba to the short term goals to the long term goals.

Please write an essay for me from scratch and not a generic cut copy paste mba essay that could fit for anyone


To be able to find opportunities with Multinational companies and be in a position that would help me understand the industry in order to acquire knowledge and expertise that would add value to my professional career whilst utilising my skill set and fresh knowledge from my educational degree in order to contribute in the company’s success.



  • Finished Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, affiliated to Anna University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University UK.
  • Currently working in Petrofac, Sharjah as a Mechanical Engineer since September 2012.
  • Entered the oil and gas sector as a graduate engineer in the Mechanical department at Petrofac which is group of companies involved in oil, gas, and energy industries. It is registered in Jersey (number 81792), with its main corporate office in Jermyn Street, London. It is a FTSE 100 company and world leader in Oil & Gas service industry.
  • Completed a certified intensive 6 month training in the designing and calculations of various equipment related to the field through Suvidya Institute of Technology which was hired by the company for graduate training during the initial period.




Mechanical Engineer                                                                   September 2012 – Present

Petrofac Limited – Sharjah UAE




  • Working in a project worth $1.2B since the beginning of 2014. Within the project I am executing the following :
    • Spare Parts coordinator for the complete project.
    • Package engineer responsible for delivering filters and electrical heaters packages to the client.
  • Concurrently was involved on making proposals for winning projects during and immediately after the training. Learned to create Bill of Quantities and Request for Quotations. Created Technical Bid Evaluations from vendor offers and creating technical queries to the same.
  • Have been Designed models of equipment to check their parameters and cost. Learnt to use software such as PV Elite and CodeCalc for design implementation.
  • Created Technical Bid Evaluations and evaluated the corresponding bids submitted from vendors and selected the best suitable vendor and issued the Purchase Requisition.
  • Managed the flow of technical query between vendor, client and company.
  • Part of a team responsible for delivering a flare package to client.
  • Calculation of weight and thickness of pressure vessels was done.
  • Created cost estimation data for pressure vessels to choose the best economic price.
  • Handled criticality ratings of the mechanical equipment.
  • Currently an Associate (AMIMechE) of the Institute of Mechanical Engineer (IMechE)


Academic Qualifications


A.I.S.L.C Montfort Anglo Indian School Board of School Examinations, Tamil Nadu March, 2005 82.6
Higher Secondary St. Michaels Academy Board of School Examinations, Tamil Nadu March, 2007 89.5
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.,) College of Engineering, Guindy Anna University April, 2011 6.5
Master of Science(Msc) Warwick University Warwick University October, 2012 5
IELTS British Council June, 2014 8
GMAT GMAC October, 2015 720


Projects Completed


  • Designed A Fixture For A Welding Component ( Minor Project – Anna University )
  • Heat Treatment Of Post Weld Duplex Stainless Steel ( Major Project – Anna University )
  • 3D laser-scanning technology as innovative tool in NPI ( Dissertation – Warwick University )


Training / Courses Attended


2 Weeks                                   Assessing the implemented software of BiQ Solutions, Chennai


2 Weeks                                   In-plant Training in IP Rings (Automobile Ancillary), Chennai


2 Weeks                                   On-the-Job Training – Petrofac Mechanical Services, Dubai, UAE


2 Weeks                                   On-the-Job Training – Petrofac Electrical Services, Chennai, India


Skills / Interest


Computer Skills                         AutoCAD, MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), CodeCalc, PV Elite


Business Inclination                   Marketing & Management


Languages Spoken                   Proficient in English & Tamil


An outgoing personality with interest in travelling (widely travelled UK, USA, Italy, France, Indonesia, Ghana, Egypt to name a few places), music (class band) and extracurricular activities (badminton, table tennis etc.)


Extra-Curricular Activities


  • Volunteer Participant of National Sports Organization (10 Day Annual Camp 2008/2009)
  • First Aid Awareness Camp (1 Week 2008/2009) & First Aid Certified
  • Literary Group Coordinator (2006)
  • National Cadet Corps
  • Captain Table Tennis Team (2003)
  • Class Representative (2007/2008)
  • Badminton – Inter University Champions
  • Badminton – Corporate Singles Champion
  • Practice Yoga and Pilates 4 times a week



Details of referees are available on request


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