Profile Paper

In this 4 page essay, write a profile about an individual or a place that is so important or so interesting or so unusual that the average reader would want to read about it – in other words, it touches some corner of the reader’s life. It should also directly tie to you, your passions, your sense of self. The person may be either well-known in the community (a politician, a doctor, the owner of a business) or relatively anonymous (a waiter, a veterinarian, a fire fighter). In any case, the focus of your essay should not be someone you already know (your mom or dad, sibling or friend, for instance). This person should however, be a person you could actually meet–not for example, a celebrity that you can only read about. The place should be interesting in itself (an emergency hospital room, a dance studio, a fire station). You will go “behind the scenes” to find out unusual and /or controversial aspects of your subject. You are required to use the online Writing Center at least two days before the paper is finalized. Your paper must be at least 4 pages, include outside sources, and be written in MLA college prose. Please submit your interview notes, drafts, and writing center notes with your paper by February 20th.


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