Programming fundamentals

Professionals working in software industry often refer “software design” as “building the bridge between user requirements and the software code”. Assume that you are given a task of developing a web site for a retail store that has the typical online store functionality such as order a product, search for a product, pay for an order, and track an order. Please specify how many steps you will take in order to complete the task, and also explain which step is the “software design”, and what activities you will do in the software design step, as well as the reasons behind each activity.

Software design may produce many diagrams or charts, for example class diagram, use case diagram, flowcharts, etc. Please select two diagrams or charts that you will use for the design step for the web page development task (however, you need not to create any diagram or chat for this assignment), and discuss the reasons why you need to use them, and why that diagram or chat can help you to validate and improve your design.


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