Progressive Management Trends & Careers

Progressive Management Trends & Careers

What did you learn about phone interviewing this semester (based on the required reading and the interview feedback itself)? List at least 3 things.

What are 5 possible interview questions you could/should ask at the end of an interview (based on what you learned from the required reading and the interview itself)? Share the entire question.
Highlight (in detail) 5 things you learned from reading “That Used to be Us”. Would you recommend this book to friends/family? If so, why? If not, why? What challenges do you believe have been addressed in the recent election in connection with the authers’ information?
As a Management AAS student, what have you learned (not only from this course) at Kirkwood to help you better prepare to be a manager? Be specific and highlight experiences, courses, etc in your answer.
What is lean management? What are 3 forms of waste? What is 5s?
What are 5 things you learned about writing a “Thank You” after an interview based on the required reading & video materials?


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