Project Management- Project Charter

use assessment marking guide to flow with the charter in responding- or how to address the questions looking at those marks. It is below the course description paper but now you are looking at assignment one.

In defining the project you need to do it in three and half or so sentences.

Background of the organisation- 2 good paragraphs.

Expected outcomes: Do five smart objectives. When you get to the milestones…you are repeating the five objectives (Smart) and their due dates. Showing progress through the project-Matrix here. On the financial, i am attaching a separate document. What is in white stays the same…what is in yellow you can change-this is on the section of the financial analysis. The table is already done so you are estimating what is need for the project like initial cost etc etc. If you don’t understand let me know. Lets do distinction. Do in text ref where you feel it is reasonable remember this is a charter. Anyway when you read the assignment one…you will see all the requirements and pay attention to the marking guide. Answer the way the question is asked but read 
Detailed marking criteria can be found in the Marking Guides section of this course description with other info which needs to be in the charter e.g risk analysis- what is major and what else…And go to that requirements to be addressed. I only want the writer with id 368510 to handle my project.


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