Project Manager

Project Manager
Two of the most common charts used in project management are the Gantt and program evaluation review technique (PERT) charts. The purpose of these charts is to assist with project scheduling and illustrate task dependencies. Another tool that can be used is the critical path method (CPM).

1.Research and define PERT, CPM, and Gantt relative to project planning, scheduling, and control.
2.Respond to the following:
?What are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique in project management?
?How do these techniques assist in monitoring and controlling the project activity?
3.Construct a work breakdown structure (WBS) for your project by first identifying each deliverable required for your project. Then, for each deliverable, identify the activities that must be completed to produce that deliverable. 4.Based on your knowledge of your anticipated resources you will have to do the work of the activities, estimate the durations of the activities.

Consider the work breakdown structure (WBS) that was previously constructed, and the activities you identified as necessary to produce the deliverables. Now that you know the activities, you need to describe the resources that you need. List the types of skill sets that your project team members will need to possess to do the work you outlined.

Create a project organization chart as follows:

In an organization, individuals possessing these skill sets would likely be assigned to specific functional areas such as logistics, engineering, quality, procurement, sales, and so forth. If this is the case for your project, you can use this information to create a project organization chart. Otherwise, your project organization chart will simply depict the reporting relationships within your project.

Complete this section by creating a detailed organizational chart.

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