project planning and controlling

Set the Constraints for the Project

Continue to work with your file from MS Project Exercise #3

Set deadlines on the following milestones:



Deadline Date


Location selected

August 20, 2016


Contractor contracted

August 29, 2016


Facility remodeled

October 24, 2016


New location opened

October 31, 2016

Enter the following constraints:





Meet to select the location

Start No Earlier Than August 27, 2016



As Late As Possible

The CEO, Mr. Salin, is out of the country until August 27, 2016.
Schedule the task pack As Late As Possible, otherwise the equipment may be packed days before the actual move takes place over the weekend. You want the employees to be packed as late as possible on the Friday before the weekend.

Set the Task Calendars

You realize that due to the project requirement that disruption to normal company operations be minimal, the move will have to take place over the weekend. For the task Move, set all the weekdays to nonworking days and the weekend days to working days, so the move will take place on a weekend.
Use the Change Working Time to create a new calendar called Weekends. Establish a working time of 8 hours per day for Saturday and Sunday.
Assign this new calendar to the task Move.

Assign Resources- People and Budget

Using the MS Project Exercise #4 Spreadsheet, use Table #1 for the following:

This table shows the resources needed for the relocation project. Notice that there are generic resources in the list, like movers. You found their rates by telephoning around. There is no Cost/Use for these resources.

Customize the table for the Resource Sheet view as shown in the table. The fields Position and Function are not standard fields in Project 2013. You can use the fields Text1 and Text2 and permanently rename them Position and Function respectively using the Field Settings feature, on the Column Settings drop down list.
Enter the resources. Use the Fill Down feature for the columns Function and Accrue at.
Sort the list of resources with resource Name as the first sorting key. Select the option to permanently renumber the resources.
You’ve resisted pressure to work longer hours, and with the rest of the team will keep regular working hours.
Nancy Hilcrest will go on a 1-week holiday in the third full week of August 2016.
You realize that the task Move needs to be executed during the weekend (you have already created a specific calendar and assigned it to the task in Exercise #3). But the resources Movers use the standard calendar, so they won’t be able to work on weekends and you are creating a conflict. To solve this, just assign the right calendar to the Movers.

Budget Resources

In the Resource Sheet view add the resource Labor and make it a cost type resource.
Double-click on the Labor resource and on the General tab of the Resource Information dialog box, select the Budget box and click on OK.
On the Gantt Chart view and using the Assign Resources Dialog box, assign the Labor resource to the Project Summary Task. Note that if you try to assign the Labor resource to any other summary or detail task you will not be able to.
Go to the Resource Usage view and insert the column Budget Cost.
Right-click on the right side of the screen and select Detail Styles. From the available fields show the Budget Cost field and click OK.
Using the Zoom icons in the toolbar, zoom in or out until the timescale is showing months on the middlescale. You can then enter the monthly budget into the proper months.
Enter a Labor budget of $30,000 for August, September, October, and November of 2016. You should be able to see the total budget of $120,000 in the Budget Cost column (field).
If you don’t allocate cost to your resources you can set this up so that your Labor resource is a work type resource. How would you associate your labor resources to the Labor budget? Think about using a custom resource field for this purpose. For example in the Resource Sheet view you might choose to make the custom field Text3 a field that contains Budget Type. For all the work resources and the Labor Budget resources you would select Labor as the Budget Type. In the Resource Usage or Task Usage View you could group by Budget Type. This would yield a comparison of budget costs on Labor to actual costs on Labor.

Enter Assignments

Using the MS Project Exercise #4 Spreadsheet, use Table #2 for the following:

Enter the assignments as shown in the table. First, add the fields Type, Effort Driven, Duration and Work to the Gantt Chart view in such a way that the view matches the Task Fields column headings in the next table. Note that you cannot add the Assignment Fields shown in the table; you have to enter the assignment information in the Assign Resources dialog or in the Task Form.
Remember that Project 2013 uses the formula Duration * Units = Work and will calculate for each detail task the third value that is not provided in the next table.
Think about the easiest way to enter each assignment; decide whether you should use the Assign Resources dialog or the Task Form. The Task Form is best when you want to assign multiple resources with specific numbers for units and/or work.
Only the Fixed Work tasks are Effort Driven.

Analysis – Changing Assignments

How should you go about making the following changes to the assignments? You may need to change the Type of the task first.

The task install LAN currently has a duration of 12 days, 5 consultants working on it and 60 days of work.

You would like to know how long the task install LAN would take if there were 10 LAN consultants instead of 5 while keeping the work the same. What task type do you need before you make this change?

What is your new duration? Keep this change.

You want to know how many consultants are needed if you want the task install LAN done in 3 days while keeping the work the same. What task type do you need before you make this change?

How many LAN consultants are needed? Keep this change.

You think you overestimated the work; you will need only 30 days of work instead of 60 days of work and you want to keep the duration to 3 days. What is the number of consultants needed now? What task type do you need before you make this change?

Keep this change.

You want to keep the number of consultants you currently have, but you want to change the duration from 3 to 12 days. How much work is now on the task? What task type do you need before you make this change?

Keep this change.

You want to bring the number of consultants down to 5 while keeping the 12-day duration. How much work is now on the task? What task type do you need before you make this change?


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