Proposal Amendments



I have written a full proposal of about 34 pages but then the lecturer wasn’t satisfied with my work and asked to have more amendments to make it better to be able to pass this unit. in this document, I will list the supervisor’s comments and I hope you can edit it and make it more critical with in depth understanding of the field not superficial as said by the supervisor. The Comments are:

– you proposal did not suggest any depth of understanding of many ideas underlying these methods, your claimed failure –without reference to literature- of such methods in a Saudi Arabian context.

– Significant research in the areas of language acquisition, prosodic development and the teaching and pronunciation were not included in his review.

– not or could not justify your choice of a Somatically-Enhanced Approach (SEA) “to overcoming existing problems in teaching and learning English” in Saudi Arabia. This is despite the potential of evaluating the effectiveness of SEA in developing the prosodic aspects of English language

– failed to provide a coherent, focused or viable theoretical or methodological foundation for the proposed investigation

– the review lacks a critical perspective and a clear sense of relation with the proposed study. There is a need for a substantial rethink of the literature that is relevant to the study and the need to adopt a more critical review of it.

– use SEA as a technique for english pronunciation not general english language learning or teaching. 

– The Literature Review section has been reduced to 5 sections instead of 7 sections. Each section need to be discussed thoroughly and sequenced well with the other sections.

– You refer to the Direct Method, Audio-Lingual Method and Communicative Language Teaching without providing definitions or making it clear in what way these paradigmatic approaches to language teaching relate to the suggested approach to teaching pronunciation

– you did not compare the SEA with other methods of teaching pronunciation, or referred to seminal work and recent research on the teaching of pronunciation.

– used weak sources (such as Masters papers and papers) to refer to major paradigms in TESOL rather than using influential publications in the field, so that your claims are sometimes somewhat inaccurate and poorly substantiated.


– This approach was used to teach Mandarin and Thai which are syllable-timed language, and I am going to use it with teaching English prosody to Arab learners that are both stress-timed language, So I need to convince them how this approach will be effective to teach stress-timed languages as it was effective teaching syllable-times language. I think Thai is both syllable and stress timed in speaking, we need to prove that we understand the differences between the two types of languages and how this approach can work with both.





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