Propose a framework to implement the climate finance part of the Paris Agreements of December 2015

This is really an analysis paper, Times new roman font 12. Include readings that express the EU’s role in the finance of the Paris Agreements. The main actors in the finance of the Paris Agreements should be the major powers of China, U.S, and EU, these three are also the largest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Use one piece from any of these sources: the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs, the Brookings Institution, the Council on Foreign Relations, International Crisis Group, Chatham House, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Use one piece from any of these journals: International Organization, American Journal of International Law, Global Governance, International Security, World Politics, International Studies Perspectives, International Relations, Global Environmental Politics, Third World Quarterly, International Affairs (from the Chatham House)

Use one piece fro any of these: New York Times, The Economist, the Guardian, Al Jazeera, The BBC World Service, Foreign Affairs magazine, Foreign Policy magazine, The International Herald Tribune, The Atlantic.


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