proposing new appointment system in physiotherapy department to priorities patients

The current system patient based on doctors diagnosis, patient will receive referral for physiotherapy from orthopedic doctors or emergency doctors patient will come to physiotherapy department to take an appointment and we give him the appointment according to written diagnosis by the doctor we have priority 1 for operated cases like total knee replacement, hip replacement, ACL repair or fracture cases patients needs to be seen within 1 week
Priority 2 for acute cases like very acute back pain sciatica , ACL knee, acute neck pain patient in this category has sever pain affecting daily life so has to be seen within 2 weeks 
Priority 3 chronic cases like degenerative changes in back or neck or osteoarthritis patient can wait 1 month because his case will not affected 
the proposed system is triaging patients because most of the diagnosis written by doctors not accurate for example the doctor may write knee pain and we gave patient appointment after one month then when the patient came for first session I need to do assessment then I realized that this patient was priority 2 because his case very acute meniscal tear for example so triage patient should be an early stage to categorized patients under each category in more accurate way and prevent long appointment waiting list for acute cases
I want you to do 1st draft of my introduction and literature rview


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