psychological testing and assessment

psychological testing and assessment

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THIS paper MUST be done EXACTLY as described here to the detail. Please do not make me have to ask for a revision. IF you do everything as it is listed here it would be great. I will also need many additional papers some not as detailed and if you do well on these I will use you for them too.
Write a paper (1,000-1,200 words) about psychological testing and assessment. Answer each of the following questions:
1.What are psychological tests?
2.How do counselors and marriage and family therapists use them?
3.What are psychological assessments?
4.Why do counselors and marriage and family therapists need them?
5.How do psychological tests differ from psychological assessments?
6.What are four different types of psychological tests discussed in chapter 2 of the textbook?

Include at least four scholarly references in addition to the textbook in your paper. I am providing to you THE TEXTBOOK as an attachment with the citation for it. PLEASE make sure you use this textbook attachment information and four additional scholarly references.

just answer each question specifically! Putting a sub-heading before each section answering a new question. I find this helpful to see the student addressing the topics specified by the assignment. Always include intro and concluding paragraphs VERY important
Take note: One question in the assignment reads as follows: “What are four different types of psychological tests discussed in chapter 2 of the textbook?” This is not very straightforward, so look at pages 43-49 in the textbook. This has been provided for you as an attachment You must read and synthesize the information to develop your answer! (Do not present four types of testing from another source, please use the textbook.)

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