Public Budgeting and Public Adminstration

This analysis and projections is due on February 20th 2016. Attached are Budgeted and Actual revenue history collected from 2010 to 2016 tagged Budgeted Revenue which will be our guide in this assignment. Please pay attention to the circled name on page 2 and 3. That is the item lines we are to use in working on this assignment, 3 in total. The areas highlighted in red, yellow and orange in other pages will also come in handy at some point. The first assignment question can be found on page 1 and 2 of the Revenue analysis input attachment. Note- The 3 line items named Carl should be inputed in a similar table, each line item must have a graph and an explanation as to how you reached your verdict. The second assignment question is, to have a 2nd table dealing with actuals, this should also have a table, powerpoint or bullet point formulae from the history table, a graph for each line item named Carl, an explanation and a projection for 2017. Finally, for the 3rd attachment named Projection method, Pick one line item under Carl on page 2 or 3, use any of the projection methods in RED i.e (Moving average method or proportional change method) and apply it on your 2017 projections. Please the questions and instructions there should be followed carefully and if there is any confusion, kindly let me know.


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