Public health in nutrition

Professional Development Portfolio

1a Write a personal statement outlining your qualifications and experiences that demonstrate your suitability to become a public health nutritionist. Highlight core requirements of the role such as organisation, communication, project planning skills, etc. look at relevant job specifications to help develop the key information you need to demonstrate in the application. (700 words)
[Here you are advised to use the AFN (Association For Nutrition) competency requirement to form your personal statements and state what motivated you to study public health in nutrition as a course of study in your master program& write how you hope to acquire the AFN requirements.]

Reflective learning journal 
2a The ability to work effectively with other people is a demand of everyday life.
Throughout professional and academic life there will be times when contributing to certain tasks within a group will contribute to the success overall. The ability to establish effective working relationships and interactive skills are highly transferrable skills.
Using Belbin approach, discuss models of reflection and learning, critically evaluating team working and group dynamics including consideration to the factors that may contribute to or impede the success of a group (450 words & highly referenced).
Using Belbin what role do you usually or naturally play? What are the defining features of this role? How close do feel these features are to your personality in a team environment and also in general based on your undergraduate or/and post graduate experience so far? 450 words.


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