Public Mental Health Service in Victoria.

PHE5SDS: Service Delivery Systems major assignment

Major assignment topic and guide

The assignment requires you to choose a particular service system and analyse it in terms of the extent to which its system policies and practices are consistent with the principles described in the reading from Wright (1983) provided (see Module 4).

The chosen service could be disability, health or even community care service. You could choose a large diverse service (such as the Home and Community Care program for older people, or the public mental health service in Victoria) a more focussed service (such as the Aged Care Assessment Program or the community based public mental health services), a smaller more specific health or care program (such as the Supported Leisure Program for people with ABI) – the range in terms of size and scope is very wide.

You are not permitted to examine the Queensland Spinal Cord Injury service as this was examined in some depth in Module 2.

This assignment requires you to undertake 2 major tasks:

  1. Section 1: You are asked to succinctly describe the service, its aims and philosophies, target client group, specific programs or services provided etc…and your rationale for selecting this particular service.
  2. Section 2: You are asked to analyse the policies and practices of the chosen service in terms of the principles nominated. In terms of these, you are asked to address five principles as stated by Wright (1983) when undertaking this analysis. You are asked to select these five principles from the following principles as outlined by Wright (2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 15, and 19).

Your task is to:

  • Justify why you selected these particular five principles to analyse the service
  • Make reference to policy statements, examination of important manuals, reviews, perhaps interviews with stakeholders (staff, users, funders) when undertaking your analysis of the service using these five An important part of this task is to demonstrate understanding of the five of Wright’s principles that you have selected and your perception of their meaning in the context of the particular service you have chosen.
  • Make reference to where the policy or practice of the organisation you have selected appears inconsistent with the particular principles you have selected, you will need to comment on this – why the inconsistency? Is it justified?
  • Finally, in view of your analysis, how would you rate this service?


Word length and due date: 2,300 words, Due Date is the 9th November, 2015 – see next 2 pages for assessment criteria.

Format: I am happy for you to submit the 2,300 word PHE5SDS major assignment in either:

  • a traditional essay format
  • or a report format where you have each of the two major sections as headings and respond accordingly.

Please note that in line with the assessment criteria you will be assessed on the clarity of your writing, sentence structure and grammar (so no point form).

How to submit: The assignment is to be submitted by 9th November via Turnitin on LMS under Assignment submission

Assessment Criteria for 2300 word report (50% of the subject)

Weighting Criteria

30 marks out of 100 marks



Description of the service, its philosophy, scope, clients, and rationale for choice of the service

To be assessed according to the extent to which:

  • The aims/goals of the service are outlined and described clearly
  • The philosophy and scope of the service is outlined and described clearly
  • The intended target clients of the service are outlined and described clearly and where appropriate linked to aims/goals and; or philosophies of the service
  • A clear justification for choice of this service is provided
  • Appropriate examples were used to illustrate key points
  • Clarity of expression (e.g. correct use of grammar, ideas well-structured and clearly conveyed)

·         Appropriate use of referencing APA style


70 marks out of 100 marks Analysis of the chosen service in line with Wright’s (1983) principles

To be assessed according to the extent to which:

·         You provided a reasoned rationale for selecting these particular five principles for your analysis

·         Wright’s (1983) five principles that are recommended for evaluation of the service in this task are outlined and you are able to demonstrate an understanding of these principles

·         You described the sources of information you have obtained to undertake analysis of this service in line with Wright’s principles and justified why you selected these particular sources of information

  • You effectively analysed the extent to which Wright’s principles are reflected in the particular policies and practices of the service been considered
  • You effectively identified where policies and; or practices are inconsistent with Wright’s principles and considered why this inconsistency has occurred and if it is justified.
  • Appropriate examples were used to illustrate/support key points
  • The extent to which you effectively rated the service based on your analysis
  • Clarity of expression (e.g. correct use of grammar, ideas well-structured and clearly conveyed)
  • Appropriate use of referencing APA style



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