quality improvement models and their application in health care

To prepare:
•Reflect on the various quality improvement models and their application in health care.
•Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each model.
•Consider how these models have been, or could be, applied in your practice setting.
•Based on your selected area of need, define a practice problem and create a corresponding mission statement.

•Investigate baseline data, and evaluate why this practice problem is a priority for improvement. Ask yourself: How does this practice problem in my organization compare to other organizations?

Now write cohesive response that addresses the following:
1. Summarize any practice problem relevant to your setting of interest and share your mission statement. Use (Challenges Facing Nursing Education in Clinical Practice.
2. Be sure to include the data that justifies why you feel a change is needed in this specific area.
3. Explain how the PDSA model might be applied , giving specific reasoning as to why this model best fits the needs of your practice problem. Describe how the practice problem you describe might be of interest to any accreditation initiative.
4. Include an introduction and a conclusion, in text citations and subheadingsp(1)

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